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What is 360° Feedback?

360 Degree Feedback seeks to answer the question, ‘How do others see me?’ It’s known as ‘360 Feedback’ because, typically, you ask your manager, your peers, those who report to you and some of the people who have a vested interest in the work you do, either because they are ‘customers’ who receive the outputs of your work, or they are ‘stakeholders’ whose interest may be that they benefit from what you do in other ways or else provide funding or resources or have oversight of your work.

When it is useful?

360 Feedback is most useful at key points, such as:

  • When you have settled into a new role and want an indication of how you are doing;
  • When there has been a significant change in what you do or how you do it and you want to know what impact this has had on how people perceive you.
  • You want evidence to help you self-assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to make decisions about your approach or your development, or to inform a review (such as PDR)

What we do

We discuss what you are trying to do and why, to make sure that the 360 will meet your needs. We then set up and run an online 360 for you if this is appropriate and discuss the results with you to help you identify and act on the key messages. We can tailor the questions to focus on specific areas, such as Working with others or Leadership, or to provide insights into almost any area. We also provide advice and guidance on how many questions to ask, the type of questions and who to ask.

We offer the service to individuals and we can recommend external providers for those who are interested in a whole team undertaking 360 review.

How long does it take?

Typically, the whole exercise takes about six to eight weeks from initial discussion to looking at the results. It can take less time if everything is straightforward (for example, if an existing questionnaire meets your need) or more time if there are delays in developing the questions or in getting responses from participants (for example, during peak holiday seasons).

What does it cost?

A 360 degree review, including a design conversation, your personal report and a facilitated discussion to support you in interpreting the report and make plans, costs £250 per person.

To find out more, contact pod@admin.ox.ac.uk.

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