Support for Athena SWAN leads

We support departments and faculties working to achieve or retain their Athena SWAN charter mark in a number of ways, including:

  • Support for the strategic planning needed to bring about culture change (link to book a people development planning meeting page).
  • Identification of existing training and development solutions (link to developing others) that will help you achieve your Athena SWAN goals.
  • Advice on development solutions, including helping you use our learning and development resources (link to courses) to maximum effect
  • Support for the development of coaching and mentoring schemes to ensure these are effective and follow good practice.
  • Support to make PDR more productive and aligned with your Athena SWAN goals.
  • Advice on training data (link to training data for Athena SWAN leads) on the numbers of participants from your faculty or department who have attended our central courses.


To discuss your needs and arrange an initial discussion of how we can help, please start by contacting your Divisional Athena SWAN lead (see below)

Humanities: Isabelle Pitt  

MPLS: Daisy Hung

MSD: Katherine Corr

Social Sciences: Catherine Goodwin

Data for Athena SWAN applications or PDR planning

If you are a Department Administrator, HR Officer or Manager in a department, data is available on training undertaken by staff in your department for your Athena SWAN submissions or for your PDR planning.

From 1 August 2019, the University switched to a new learning management system, CoSy. Requests for data held in CoSy from 1 August 2019 should be sent to:

For data PRIOR to 1st August 2019, training records are held in CoreHR. Requests for data held in CoreHR should be sent to:

We need to know:

  • Your name and role
  • Your email address
  • The start and end date for any data you request
  • The department code for which you require the data, including any sub-department codes or associated departments codes that should be included.
  • The date by which you need the data