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All our face to face courses and self-help resources are listed on CoSy, the University’s training directory.

Development is about much more than courses. It is about being purposeful and self-directed in your learning and about choosing the best-fit solution for your learning needs.

Eichinger and Lombardo’s 70:20:10 principle suggests that 70% of the most impactful learning happens on the job, by doing, observing and testing, 20% happens in social situations and 10% in formal learning in a classroom. We aim to help you ensure that your learning is the best fit for you.

See our DIY personal development tool for help with identifying your personal learning priorities.

Look at the Leadership Framework to help you plan your development priorities as a leader or manager.

Look at our tools for planning your development in your current role and for the next role.

Don’t forget the value of PDR in planning your development.

In POD, we focus on leadership and management development and personal development. If you are looking for training in another topic, see the University’s list of training providers.

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