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We are a small team dedicated to supporting staff across the university to develop themselves and their teams and to thrive in their careers at Oxford.

Programmes we deliver for staff are:

Programme name Information More information/book
University induction programme Sponsored by the Vice-Chancellor this programme is for new heads of department and institutes, colleges and professional services senior leaders, to support their orientation and welcome to the university and their leadership roles. There are approx. 35 participants each year.  University Induction Programme
Researcher induction programme Sponsored by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, this programme is to welcome and orientate all new research staff on their arrival in Oxford. There are approx. 300 participants each year. Support for researchers webpage
Professional services leadership development programme Sponsored by the Registrar, this programme works with professional services leaders who are committed to developing themselves and collaborating across the University to enhance professional services to support the academic mission. There are approx. 25 participants each year.


The confident manager  Designed to be a flexible and innovative programme focused on people management excellence, where participants shape their learning journeys around key areas of relevant to their role and context. The programme supports managers to be effective, inclusive and confident in managing individuals and teams. There are approx. 200 participants each year. We make at least 50% of places available to academic managers/PIs and research staff. The confident manager webpage and booking link
Coaching skills  In three different sessions we teach coaching skills to managers, research supervisors and coaching specialists. We also host a network for university staff who are accredited coaches and encourage staff who would like coaching support to use the network to find a coach. There are approx. 100 staff participating in coaching events per year. More information on coaching and finding a coach
Careers club  Launching on 20th March at 2-3pm this series will include monthly online and face to face sessions to further ‘Inspire and Equip Professional Services Staff to Develop their Careers’ plus a new area of the POD website dedicated to career development. We expect to support some 600 staff through these sessions per year. Register for the launch
Mentoring for development There is a new online toolkit: Mentoring for Development. This is for anyone at the University with an interest in mentoring, whether mentors, mentees or mentoring scheme co-ordinators. There is also a new MS Teams group: POD Mentoring Network. We encourage you all to join this new Teams group so you can ask questions, share resources and advice about mentoring and keep in touch with mentoring-related developments around the University. We expect to support some 200 staff with mentoring. 

Link to mentoring for development 

Link to MS Teams group

Link to Professional Services mentoring scheme 

Researcher careers The Researcher Hub is working with the Careers Service and divisions to enhance the provision of career development expertise to support researcher career destinations in a wide range of sectors. Developments include a strategy, and the tracking and illustration of researchers’ career steps beyond Oxford or academia.

Careers Beyond Academia: Options and Pathways for Researchers | Oxford University Careers Service


Programmes we are currently developing that will be launched this calendar year include:


Programme name Information Get involved
Research group leadership programme   A new programme to support principal investigators and anyone who line manages research staff to develop leadership skills and techniques that result in thriving, fulfilling research groups. To join a roundtable design discussion contact: 
Project management  A new series of initiatives to support staff to gain knowledge and skills in project management including online learning, knowledge sharing webinars and a 1 day in person programme.  To register your interest please click here
Career development reviews A new online programmes to support research staff to have effective and supportive career development reviews with their line managers. To join a roundtable design discussion contact:
Personal development reviews A new online programmes to support staff to have effective and supportive personal development reviews with their line managers. To join a roundtable design discussion contact:
Leadership series A new series of events to bring together leaders and staff interested in leadership to explore leadership concepts and hear leadership experiences.  To join a roundtable design discussion contact:


Other initiatives not to miss:

1. The Researcher Hub 
We support research staff from across the university through welcomes, navigation tools, development opportunities and networking events. These are designed collaboratively to improve the researcher experience at Oxford. Find out more.

2. Communities of Practice for professional services staff 
We’re supporting new communities to set up and existing communities to evolve. We’re developing toolkits to support staff to set up their own communities too. Find out more.

3. Supporting technical staff across the university
We’ve got exciting plans in store for technical staff this year including a refreshed technician commitment, experience survey and conference to shine a light on the important work and expertise of the technician community. To get involved and take part in design discussions please contact