Collegiate University Leaders Induction Programme (CULIP)

The programme has been created to support newly appointed Heads of Department & Faculty Board Chairs, Heads of House, Deputy Heads or Chairs, Associate Heads or Chairs, Heads of autonomous Research Centres, Statutory Chairs with responsibilities equivalent to those of a Head of Department, and Heads of Service in GLAM and UAS.

These senior roles each face distinctive and unique leadership challenges as well as engaging with a number of common themes that are relevant across the group. The programme brings together participants in a peer group setting, aiming to enable individuals to:  

  • Access and navigate support available to them  

  • Hear from leaders in similar roles  

  • Connect with and find support from peers  


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Enable leaders in their new roles to:  

  • Access relevant critical information.   

  • Gain insights to anticipate and manage specific challenges and opportunities.   

  • Know where and how they can access support centrally and within divisions.  

  • Connect with a network of peers across the collegiate university for mutual learning, support, and knowledge sharing.  

The current programme format is eight 2-hour lunchtime sessions across the academic year.

Participants can join at any time throughout the year although the welcome session with the Vice Chancellor will takes place in Michaelmas Term each year.

This programme is run on an invitation only basis. Eligible University participants are nominated through their Division. Please speak to your Divisional Registrar if you believe you are eligible and have not received an invitation by the start of the new academic year. Incoming Heads of House are identified in consultation with the Conference of Colleges.

Please speak to your Divisional Registrar in the first instance if applicable or contact

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