Leadership Framework

What is a leadership framework and how can you use it?

Most universities and research organisations typically maintain leadership frameworks, which outline the essential skills and behaviours valued within the institution. The leadership framework at Oxford reflects the input and perspectives of colleagues university-wide, encapsulating the qualities deemed significant. 

Interactive Learning Activities 

To assist in your managerial growth and to animate the framework, we offer interactive learning activities aligned with each framework component.

  1. Diagnostic Tool: Begin by utilising the Diagnostic Tool to identify priority areas for development. Alternatively, explore the materials or directly access elements of interest. 
  2. Learning activities: For each of the 18 elements, two learning activities are available to foster reflection and optimize on-the-job learning opportunities. While primarily tailored for people managers, these activities are beneficial for anyone interested in management and leadership. 
  3. Reflection exercise: Upon completing an exercise, utilise the reflection exercise to enrich your learning journey. Feel free to engage in reflection immediately or at a later stage, following the implementation of new strategies. 

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Diagnostic tool

To help identify priority areas for development, download the checklist analysis of needs