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Who Are We?

The People & Organisational Development Team (POD) is a small, dynamic team that is part of the University’s HR Directorate. We offer support to leaders and managers on individual and team development solutions and on achieving change at the group or departmental level.

The Researcher Hub is also part of POD and they provide support to all researchers on fixed-term research or teaching contracts at Oxford.

What We Do

At the POD (People and Organisational Development) department, we are dedicated to fostering growth, supporting individuals, and driving innovation across Oxford University. We believe in listening, supporting, challenging, and innovating, working collaboratively with various stakeholders across the University. Our primary objectives include:

  1. Enable people to grow and develop in their careers
    We strive to empower individuals to grow and develop in their careers, providing them with the necessary resources and support to succeed.

  2. Support and develop leadership for greater inclusion, equity and collaboration
    Our focus extends to supporting and developing leadership that champions inclusion, equity, and collaboration, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

  3. Share good practices related to learning and organisational development
    We are committed to sharing good practices related to learning and organisational development, facilitating continuous improvement and knowledge exchange.


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  1. Managers & Leaders: Our support extends to academics, researchers, and professional services staff who hold leadership positions within units, groups, departments, divisions, and university colleges. We also cater to senior leaders responsible for shaping strategic direction.
  2. Professional Services: We provide assistance to professional services employees across various university entities, including UAS, departments, divisions, GLAM, External Affairs, and university colleges and halls. This includes technical personnel and Heads of Administration and Finance.
  3. Fixed Term Researchers: Staff employed on fixed-term research contracts receive our support, whether they work under principal investigators or independently.
  1. Supporting Managers and Leaders: Our efforts to support managers and leaders are guided by the Leadership Hub advisory group, divisional registrars, and oversight from the Director of HR to the personnel committee.
  2. Supporting Professional Services: Direction and sponsorship for our work in supporting professional services staff are provided by the Registrar and senior team, with accountability to the personnel committee.
  3. Supporting Fixed Term Researchers: Oversight for supporting fixed-term researchers is provided by the Research Staff Steering Committee, supported by the Research Staff Working Group, and accountable to the Research and Innovation Committee.
  • Programmes: We offer a range of open enrollment and bespoke programmes tailored to the needs of all staff, with a specific focus on leaders and managers.
  • New Initiatives: Our department spearheads projects aimed at benefiting key staff groups, such as the Concordat for Researcher Development and improvements to University induction processes.
  • Change Expertise: We provide expert advice and consultancy services to facilitate positive change at individual, team, and organisational levels.
  • Learning and Development Resources: Our department offers a plethora of learning and development resources, including tools, open-access materials, and access to networks such as coaching, mentoring, and communities of practice.

We support leadership development by offering tailored programmes and resources aimed at enhancing leadership skills and fostering inclusive leadership practices. Our initiatives are designed to empower leaders at all levels within the university to drive positive change and promote collaboration.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is a core aspect of our work. We support initiatives that promote equity and collaboration, and we strive to create an inclusive environment where all staff members feel valued and supported in their professional development.

Collaboration is integral to our approach. We work closely with various departments, divisions, and committees across the university to align our efforts with broader institutional goals and initiatives.

By leveraging collective expertise and resources, we aim to achieve greater impact and effectiveness.

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