Winner of 2020 Vice-Chancellors Diversity Award

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The Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the strength of commitment to equality and diversity at Oxford and to recognise individuals and groups who have inspired others, demonstrated leadership and made a difference to equality and diversity in the University’s working, learning and social environment.

The University of Oxford is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality and values diversity. We recognise that the broad range of experiences that a diverse staff and student body brings strengthens our research and enhances our teaching, and that in order for Oxford to remain a world-leading institution we must continue to provide a diverse, inclusive, fair and open environment that allows everyone to grow and flourish.

We are delighted to announce that Hannah Ravenswood, Organisational Development Advisor at People and Organisational Development has won Champion or Role Model (staff) in the Vice-Chancellors Diversity Awards 2020 and has also won in the inclusive culture category.

Hannah has made considerable contributions to the University’s LGBT+ and disabled communities. Through running events and giving talks, Hannah has empowered departments to become more inclusive, educated individuals to become better allies and given disabled and LGBT+ staff the confidence to feel that they can be themselves within the University. She has been the driving force behind establishing the University’s growing network of LBGT+ role models and allies and is a specialist advisor for the Sexual Violence Support Service. Her openness about her own experiences as an LGBT+ member of staff and of living with mental illness and Type 1 diabetes, her ability to truly listen and her willingness to make time for others have had a powerful impact.

I am truly proud to have won Champion or Role Model (staff) in the Vice-Chancellors Diversity Awards 2020 and to have won in the inclusive culture category is really quite remarkable. I feel enormously privileged to be able to contribute to such vital work for the University. Giving people the space to think about how they might be able to step up as an LGBT+ Role Model and also to work with people who are so keen to step up as allies is a wonderful thing to be a part of. My work for both LGBT+ staff, allies and for disabled people wouldn’t be possible without the support of many wonderful family, friends and colleagues. A special thank you to my POD colleagues and those who work in the EDU.  I am proud to be able to show people that it is possible to flourish in the University, as a LGBT+, disabled person. It feels more vital now than ever before that those of us who feel able to do so keep working towards making the University as inclusive as possible, especially for those of us with non-visible disabilities as well as for anyone else who belongs to a marginalised group. I continue to meet and to work with some incredible people and I have learned so much from hearing about different experiences and what’s worked well for people, as well as what hasn’t. Thank you to everyone who has had a part to play and to those who will have a part to play in the future.

Hannah Ravenswood, Organisational Development Advisor at People and Organisational Development

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