Technician Resources and Useful Links

Technician Commitment

Find out more about the 4 key areas of the Technician Commitment – visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability – and what other universities have done so far to address these.

National Technician Development Centre

The National Technician Development Centre offers expertise and tools to support the development of technical career pathways, to identify future skills gaps, and provide appropriate training and development opportunities for technicians.

UKRI People and Teams Plan

This document: (published March 2023) brings together UKRI’s action plan to support the Researcher Development Concordat and its Technician Commitment plan, since researchers and technicians face similar issues. The plan sets out what UKRI will do and what it expects the institutions it funds to do to support a greater diversity of staff to apply for funding and be recognised in research outputs. This includes involving more technicians as grant applicants; ensuring that technicians’ work is properly costed in applications; including more peer reviewers and assessors with technical expertise; and ensuring that grant applicants demonstrate how they will support the career development of their staff teams, including technicians.

MI Talent

Led by the Midlands Innovation (MI) consortium of eight universities in collaboration with key stakeholders and industry partners, TALENT is a major project that aims to improve the status of technicians in higher education and increase the opportunities available to them. This includes events and training courses, some of which are open to technicians beyond the Midlands consortium of universities.

UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy (ITSS)

The UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy – launching on 1 August 2023 and hosted by the University of Nottingham, the institute aims to ensure that the UK has the technical capability and capacity across academia, research, education and innovation to enable the UK to be a global superpower in science, engineering and the creative industries. The institute will be the new home of the Technician Commitment from August 2023.

University of Oxford's Researcher Hub

The Researcher Hub includes information and resources that will be of use to technicians.