Apprenticeships - a Guide for Managers

  • Do you want to build the professional and technical skills of your department or team?

  • Are you looking to increase the size of your team?

  • Are you interested in growing your own talent pipeline?

  • Do you have any skills gaps that you would like to fill? 

Recruiting one or more new apprentices into your team could help you fulfil your needs.

 Recruiting an apprentice

Benefits of hiring an apprentice



Apprenticeships offer a variety of benefits for your department, including:
  • Effective strategic workforce planning and career development pathways
  • Training to meet the needs of your department
  • Vitality, fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Supervision and mentoring experience for current team members
  • Opportunities to support and engage with the local community

The National Apprenticeship Service offers information on the benefits of hiring an apprentice.



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