People and Organisational Development's response to the current COVID-19 crisis

POD wants to support you during this Coronavirus crisis and whilst we are currently unable to offer face-to-face learning, we continue to look out for remote learning opportunities that may be of interest as well as designing a number of virtual workshops and webinars to meet organisational need.  Our upcoming online workshops can be found below.

The table below pulls together a range of self-access courses, guides and toolkits, all of which can be accessed from home at a time that works for you. The University also has a subscription to LinkedIn Learning where you can access a variety of online learning for free.

If you have any questions or suggestions for how POD can best support you during this difficult period, please contact us at pod@admin.ox.ac.uk.


You may find it useful to download our short self-diagnosis tool which can help identify your priorities for learning. 

Upcoming online workshops

Category Course Title            
Remote working Leading remote teams
Leadership and management                               Introduction to management skills at Oxford              
  Coaching skills for managers
  People managers' refresher

Self-access courses and resources

Category Sub-Category Course Title
Remote working   Remote working tools and guidance
    Running remote meetings
    Keeping information safe
    Managing a dispersed team

Leadership and management

Harassment and bullying Challenging behaviour: dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace
  Equality and diversity Equality and diversity briefing
  Implicit bias Implicit bias in the workplace
  Managing people  Inclusive leadership
    Managing people: key processes
    Managing your manager
    Delegating work
    Motivation at work
    Prioritising work
Personal organisation Planning and organising your time Time management eBook


Prioritisation Time management tips


  Effective time management 


Project management Project management simplified

Communicating effectively

Assertive communication The essentials of assertive communication




Writing documents/ speed reading Speed reading


  Editing and proof reading made simple


  The basics of writing work documents 
  Learning to really listen Active listening
    Listening skills 
    Active listening – hear what people are really saying 


Meeting - planning and leading discussions Managing meetings
    Minutes and agendas
    Planning and running meetings 


Having courageous conversations Dealing with challenging behaviour in the workplace


  Difficult conversations
    Dealing with challenging conversations 


  Having difficult conversations


Presentation skills Improving your presentations 
    Advanced presentations
    Essentials of presenting
    Presentation skills and techniques
Effective working relationships Networking Building your professional network
  Influencing Influencing essentials
    Working with your Stakeholders
  Building constructive workplace relationships Managing up, down and across the organisation
    Working with difficult people
Self-awareness Awareness of impact on others Developing self-awareness
  Perseverance/resilience Building resilience
    Enhancing resilience
  Managing my reactions Manage your emotional triggers 
    Managing your emotions if things get tense
    Regulating your emotional responses
    Stress and stress management
    Anger and agression
  Work-life balance Balancing work and life
    Work-life balance 
  Resilience at work Developing your emotional intelligence
    Emotional intelligence
  Responding to change Embracing change
    Embracing unexpected change
  Developing myself Developing myself
Problem-solving and creative thinking Problem-solving Problem-solving techniques
    What is problem-solving?
    Problem-solving checklist 
  Thinking creatively Disrupting yourself and managing
team creativity
    Creativity tools
Managing my career Managing my career Career Weaver
    Developing myself for the next role
Personnel Induction for new staff Induction for new staff   
  Recruitment and selection Recruitment and selection
  Planning retirement Planning retirement


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