Being a leader

‘Being a leader’ entails these behaviours and competencies:

  1. Thinks strategically, taking an open and long-term view of possibilities
  2. Articulates a clear vision, engaging others in the process
  3. Acts purposefully and decisively to enable the achievement of goals and objectives
  4. Takes responsibility and acts with integrity based on strong self-awareness and continuous reflection
  5. Shows courage, resilience and creativity in approaching problems and difficult decisions
  6. Leads inclusively and champions equality and diversity

These guides aim to support the development of leadership skills: strategic thinking, management of yourself and your work, and understanding of the wider responsibilities of leadership such as awareness of risk, inclusivity, and integrity.


Guide Title                                                                                                                            
Becoming the manager
Compliance awareness
Developing yourself
Prioritising work
Understanding difference
Understanding equality, diversity and inclusion
Working with your stakeholders


Checklist analysis of needs

To help identify priority areas for development, download the checklist analysis of needs


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