Consultancy on management challenges

If you are leading a division, department, faculty, group or unit, there may be occasions when you would find it helpful to talk through a leadership or management challenge with someone outside of your area so that you can work out what to do next and how.

Challenges might include:

  • Interpreting staff experience survey outcomes/ working out how to tackle outcomes that need attention
  • Effective team or group working in a time of change
  • Enhancing the effectiveness/ways of working in a group or team
  • Developing a revised or new strategy with a group, team or department
  • Sourcing a learning and development session for your department
  • Sourcing an external training provider or coach
  • Introducing or enhancing your PDR scheme
  • Advice and guidance on development for team members

Book a consultancy conversation with us

Your Organisational Development Adviser will:

  • Listen to you define the issue(s)
  • Help you clarify what success looks like
  • Assist you in reflecting on what you have done so far and what has/has not worked
  • Help you understand any underlying causes or contextual issues that need to be addressed
  • Advise you on possible learning solutions
  • Agree with you what you will do and what we can offer so that you can take the issue forward successfully

Our commitment to you:

  • Our specialist areas of expertise are leadership and management development and personal effectiveness (sometimes referred to as core transferable skills). We are careful to work only within our areas of expertise. If you are looking for guidance outside of these areas, we will point you towards an appropriate source of help.
  • To help you plan, we advise that we are usually fully booked at least two months ahead. If you are looking for help in a shorter timescale please contact us and we will let you know our earliest availability.
  • If we can’t help you, either because we don’t have the requisite expertise or we cannot meet your deadline due to other commitments, we will always advise you of this and suggest options.
  • We aim to reply to a request for a consultancy conversation within three working days.


To book a consultancy meeting with one of our team, please email