Book a people development planning meeting

What is a people development plan?

A people development plan describes the learning priorities for the members of a team or department/faculty and the actions that will be taken to deliver these. These learning priorities are clearly linked to the department’s goals.

What can you expect from us?

We offer all departments and faculties in the University a planning meeting to help you identify your priorities for action and to assist you in identifying effective solutions.

We will:

  • Hear your department’s objectives
  • Help you unpick the implications of your most recent PDR cycle and staff experience survey
  • Help you identify the skills and capabilities you need to develop in your people in order to achieve your department’s objectives
  • Advise you on best-fit learning solutions so that you can put together your department’s learning and development plan
  • Agree what we can contribute to your plan and what you can deliver/organise yourself
  • Help you identify measures of success so that you can ensure that any learning and development delivered achieves the required impact and return on the investment you have made

If you would like some help with your department/faculty’s people development plan, please contact to book a consultancy meeting.

You may prefer to create your own plan, in which case, see our preparing a people development plan.

Development planning with individuals

If you are thinking about a development plan for one person in your team, then see our Learning and development conversations with your team (PDF).

You may be thinking about a career development meeting with a member of your team. See our Career conversations with your team (PDF).